partners & sponsors

The Manta Trust works closely with a number of groups to facilitate and finance its conservation, research and educational aims. We are extremely grateful to our partners and sponsors for their support, without whom many of the chartiy's achievements to date would not have been possible. 

Reef Manta Ray, Manta alfredi, Tumon Channel, Guam, Marina Islands © Guy Stevens Manta Trust 2016.jpg



The Save Our Seas Foundation has supported the Manta Trust from the outset, not only providing funding and guidance for its projects, but also facilitating international cooperation among manta researchers to forge a global conservation plan of action.


As part of our effort to learn more about the lives of mantas, Carl F. Bucherer have partnered with the Manta Trust to support their research and conservation efforts around these majestic animals. Since the beginning of our relationship, Carl F. Bucherer have generously sponsored two satellite tags to track the movement patterns of Oceanic Manta Rays in the tropical eastern Pacific ocean, financed an upcoming code of conduct film for use in the global manta tourism industry, and released a limited edition line of Manta Trust dive watches in support of research into manta feeding ecology in the Maldives (an initiative known as Watch My Manta).


We are also very grateful to have the support of the following organisations


Vargas Goteo Jewelry works to bring a new perspective to the word value of poached, illegally traded, and irresponsibly sourced species.  Combining eye catching and thought provoking jewelry, every piece is designed with the mission of bringing ethical and social responsibility to everyday wear, and starting a conversation about conservation.  Since contributing to our the Eyes on the Reef project in June 2018, Vargas Goteo has created an extension to the existing Manta collection, and partnered with Manta Trust to raise funds for furthering research and conservation of our “souls of the seas”, manta rays.