Commercial Supporters

These businesses have pledged to donate a percentage of their profits to support manta ray research and conservation. Check out the links below to see what manta-stic products they have on offer!

If you are interested in becoming a Commercial Supporter of the Manta Trust we’d love to hear from you… Get in touch!


Morn Creations create bags with an animal protection theme, inspired by studies of the Buddhist doctrine. They use no animal skins in production and like to feature endangered species. Through these designs they wish to spread a clear message for protecting life and respecting life for all animals. 10% from each Manta Backpack sold is donated to the Manta Trust. Enter Coupon Code "Mantatrust" to get a HK$100 discount!

Pipistrelle is a one-woman creator of unique ceramic design. The artist sculpts by hand with porcelain to create one-off pieces, inspired by nature’s most weird and wonderful. 20% of every sale from her manta collection of sculptures, plates, and statement jewellery, is donated to the Manta Trust. Pipistrelle Design hopes her creations will help highlight the importance of conserving and protecting our wildlife.

Vargas Goteo works to bring a new perspective to the word value of poached, illegally traded, and irresponsibly sourced species.  Combining eye catching and thought provoking jewelry, every piece is designed with the mission of bringing ethical and social responsibility to everyday wear, and starting a conversation about conservation.  Vargas Goteo donate US$15 or more to the Manta Trust from each piece sold from their Manta Collection.

Blue Ray T-Shirts has a long standing affiliation with the Ocean. Founder, Tom Bloomfield, has been diving for years and his designs are inspired by his experiences; including meeting giant oceanic mantas on his first ever open water dive. Blue Ray T-Shirts are proud to be associated with the Manta Trust and are donating 10% from every item sold from their manta collection to support research & conservation.

7SEAS Jewellery was created by a diving instructor to share the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants with all land dwellers. 7SEAS hopes its jewellery will encourage an appreciation for, and stimulate interest in, the marine creatures, facilitating environmental awareness and inspiring conservation efforts. 7SEAS donate 10% of profits to the Manta Trust from over 100 designs in their online store.

Undersea Bikini use Econyl to make their swimwear - that’s fabric made from discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste material from the ocean. Their packaging is recycled and their hangtags are made from seed papers you can plant in your garden. This year Undersea Bikini are raising funds for the Manta Trust through sales of this eagle ray inspired bikini set.

Think Before Extinct is a lifestyle and conservation movement committed to inspiring, engaging, and empowering change to protect our oceans. Through apparel and accessory sales, they are raising money for beach and ocean clean ups, and raising awareness about the simple things we can all do to enjoy and protect the ocean for generations to come. 10% of all sales from their Manta Collection are donated to the Manta Trust.

ZeeMakes is a one-woman company built from four principles: do what you love, be conscious of the environment, support worthy causes and mental health is key. All packaging and postcards are made from 100% recycled materials. The ‘For The Love of Mantas’ sterling silver charms are available as a bracelet/anklet or necklace and £3.33 will be donated to the Manta Trust.

Tidal Tees Logo.png

Tidal Tees Apparel was created by marine biology student Sydney Bell to raise awareness of the issues facing our oceans and to raise funds for organisations helping marine life. Products are made using solar energy and water-based ink to reduce chemical runoff, whilst packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. Tidal Tees is donating 100% of profits from their Manta Ray Collection to the Manta Trust!