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Time to Save Mantas – Our Partnership with Carl F. Bucherer

The Manta Trust partners with Carl F. Bucherer

to support manta research and conservation.

As part of our effort to learn more about the lives of mantas, Swiss watch manufacturer Carl F. Bucherer (CFB) have partnered with the Manta Team to support our research and conservation activities around these majestic animals. We’ve been working with the gang at CFB for a few years now on a couple of different projects. Since the beginning of our relationship, Carl F. Bucherer have generously sponsored two satellite tags to track the movement patterns of Oceanic Manta Rays in the tropical eastern Pacific ocean. More recently they financed the production of a manta ray code of conduct film for use in the global manta tourism industry (to be released in a few weeks time – stay tuned!).

Now we’re delighted to make a big public shout-out about our continuing partnership with Carl F. Bucherer, with particular focus on our latest joint project – Watch My Manta.

As part of this initiative, CFB have released a limited edition line of Manta Trust dive watches. The time pieces themselves are pretty awesome, with each one including an engraving of a different manta ray from our Maldivian Manta Ray Project’s database – that includes the ID code, and the manta’s unique spot pattern!

But of course it’s not all about the beautiful timepieces. We’re stoked about this partnership, because part of the proceeds from sales of these dive watches are financing an entire research project and scientific expedition. In August this year, members of the Maldivian Manta Team will be spending two weeks at sea to collect novel data on the feeding ecology of mantas. We want to better understand exactly what kind of plankton they’re eating, why they like it so much, and ultimately how this might be impacted due to climate change.

As with all our research, the more we can find out about these gentle giants, the more we can do to protect them and the habitats on which they depend. We’re delighted to have a partner in Carl F. Bucherer, who are helping us understand and conserve one of the oceans most enigmatic animals. For once, time is on our side!

You can learn more about the latest initiative, Watch My Manta, by following the link below:




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