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Mobula success at CITES CoP17

The votes are in….CITES delegates overwhelmingly voted in favour of listing all mobula rays on Appendix II of CITES!

Southern African Nations Prepare for Sharks and Rays at the CITES CoP17

Discussions focused on the multiple threats facing sharks and rays worldwide, and the need for appropriate management

#LOVEminiMantas at CITES

Our media effort surrounding the Mobula CITES Proposal – a 360VR film of the mobula rays of the Azores!

Diving into our First Research Expedition

The morning sun sneaks a glimpse over the palm trees making the sky run pink.  The wharf is at full capacity with the fishermen preparing their boats for a day on the water. The groundskeepers are raking the white sand on the beaches in rows of perfect arches, getting ready for the hundreds of tourists […]

Shark & ray proposals for CITES CoP17 receives unprecedented support

Trade control matters

We celebrated a great victory when manta rays became listed on CITES Appendix II, but implementation and enforcement of this law is crucial. In 2015, The Manta Trust participated at and co-organised several workshops in key mobulid fishing countries

Fiji takes a positive step towards protecting Mobulas

Fiji submits proposal to list mobula spp. under CITES Appendix II

Ministerial Shark & Ray Conservation Symposium

Indian Ocean Ministers gather for a special meeting.

Indonesia announces the world’s largest manta sanctuary!

The Manta Trust, WildAid, Blue Sphere Media, the Indonesian Manta Project and Save Our Seas Foundation are today celebrating the signing of a new regulation creating the world’s largest manta sanctuary, encompassing a massive 6 million square kilometres of ocean, enforcing full protection for Oceanic and Reef Manta Rays (Manta birostris and Manta alfredi) in Indonesia.


Field Guide to Manta Rays

Read the Manta Trust’s 2013 Field Guide for Manta Rays published in Wild Travel Magazine

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