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Sightings Upload Form

Multiple images can be uploaded for each submission. However, each submission should contain only the images/video of the animals seen during that specific sighting event; i.e. if you saw multiple manta rays (or mobulas) on different dives or snorkels, submit them separately.

All images submitted will be used for research purposes only, and will not be forwarded to any third party without prior express permission. Furthermore, we usually only require low resolution versions of your images for identification purposes.

Some of the entry fields are mandatory, as it is essential that we know where and when you saw the manta or mobula rays you photographed, while others remain optional. However, please do try to provide as much information as possible………..every piece of information is a piece of the global manta puzzle which will help us to piece together the lives of these amazing animals and in so doing, further help to protect them.

Once we have received and processed your completed form, you will receive a personal email reply which details all of the findings discovered within your contribution (manta species, ID Number, sex, sighting history, etc). If you have sighted a manta which is already in the global database we will tell you a little about this manta and if you have discovered a new individual we will add your sighting to the global database and invite you to name the new manta.

If you have any further questions or queries about data contribution for the global database or about the Manta Trust, please email us directly at

Additionally, if you are experiencing problems with the Online Submission Form, please send your ID photos directly to, along with as much of the info requested in the form as possible.

Common problems when submitting the form include:

1.) This form will only submit when all the fields under the sections marked with asterisk (*) are filled out, and at least one file has been successfully uploaded.

2.) At least one of the files being uploaded is too large – there is a 20MB file size limit for each of the photos/videos you submit, so please consider reducing the size of your images using basic photo editing software, or send us an email to seek an alternative submission procedure.

3.) You can only upload images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Raw, GIF) and videos (AVI, FLV, MP4, MOV) in these file formats, as well as ZIP files.

4.) The ‘I am not a robot’ box at the bottom of the form has not be clicked before submitting.

5.) Please wait for the upload to complete without errors before submitting the form.

This form will only submit when all the fields under the section marked with * are filled and at least 1 file has been successfully uploaded.

Click on "Add Files" button to select images from your computer to upload. You can only upload the following filetypes: JPG,PNG,TIFF,RAW,GIF,AVI,FLV,MP4,MOV & ZIP files, with a maximum size of 20MB for each file.

Please wait for the upload to complete without errors before submitting the form.

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