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Fundraise for Free!

See below for the various ways you can help fundraise for The Manta Trust – without it costing you a penny!

Give as you Live


Help The Manta Trust, just by shopping online! Shop with your favourite stores and a donation will be made to The Manta Trust without costing you a penny extra. It’s an extremely cool concept and it’s very easy to get started – just follow the steps below and you’ll soon be helping raise funds for the Manta Trust simply by shopping online as you normally would.

If you feel confident enough to get stuck in straight away, you can get started by visiting the Give as you Live sign-up page here.


Step 1 – Watch the video

To start off, watch the short video below – it gives a brief overview to how Give as you Live works and what the whole process entails.


Step 2 – Read these instructions to set it all up

The following step-by-step instructions set out how to set up Give as you Live in your internet browser.

1)  Sign up!

Sign up to Give as you Live, on your desktop, tablet or via the mobile app. It’s a very simple process and 100% secure. If you prefer, you can even sign up using your Facebook profile. Click here to visit the sign up page.

Once you’ve filled in the form, look out for a Confirmation Email – you need to click the link in that email to confirm your account.


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2) Choose to support The Manta Trust

Once you’ve signed up, make sure your account says you’re supporting The Manta Trust. If you sign up using the links on this page, this should have been done automatically. However, if it does not already say that you’re supporting the Manta Trust, you can find us manually . Search ‘Manta Trust’ to find us.

Choose a Charity

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3) Install Chrome Extension to Make Life Easier

This is quite an important step. After step 2, you’re ready to start shopping. However, to make the whole thing more automatic and to guarantee that you’re online purchases are resulting in contributions to The Manta Trust, we recommend installing the Give as you Live Google Chrome Extension. This will save you the hassle of having to ‘log in’ every time you want to make a purchase with an accompanying G.a.y.L donation.

Install Give as you Live Google Chrome Extension HERE.

Gaul 1

The process is a one-click install. Once installed, Give as you Live will now work automatically within your Google Chrome window. Whilst it is an extension, there won’t be an icon in the top right hand corner of your Chrome window. You’ll know it’s installed correctly when you search for a product in Google.

When you search for shopping using Google, you’ll see a little G.a.y.L icon appear next to the search. This means that purchasing the item from this retailer will result in a donation to The Manta Trust!

Gaul 5

Furthermore, with this extension, if you go straight to a supporting retailer’s website to look for an item you want to buy, the extension will make sure that a donation is made from your purchase automatically. Alternatively, on sites like Amazon and Tesco, it will show you a banner at the top which you need to click to activate the Give as you Live donation. See below.

Gaul 6


4) Recruit Your Friends and Family!

Help spread the word and persuade your friends and family to sign up to. Remember to tell them that it costs them nothing, other than 5-10 minutes of their time. You can recruit your friends using social media and a unique link given to you by G.a.y.L. If your friends sign up via this link, once they’ve raised £5 or more, G.a.y.L will donate a extra £5 to The Manta Trust!

Alternatively, refer them to this page. The step-by-step guide will make it easier.

Gaul 7


Confirmation Emails After Purchases

When you’ve made a purchase from a G.a.y.L supporting retailer, you will receive an email confirming that a donation was made to The Manta Trust, thanks to your purchase. Sweet! Although be aware that emails may not come through immediately after you’ve finished purchasing your item. Give it 7 days or so to process, before worrying that it didn’t work.

Track Your Contributions

You can view how much your shopping has raised for the Manta Trust by logging into your account on the Give as you Live website. Here you can see the total money you’ve raised for us, and from what purchases the various contributions came from.

Gaul 9


My Purchase Didn’t Register a Contribution? 🙁

Don’t worry, sometimes the system doesn’t always work. Give it 7 days to receive a confirmation email. If a week has passed and there’s still no sign of your recent big Tesco shop in the Transactions section of your Account Panel, you can file a claim to make sure it goes through anyway. See images below:

Gaul 8


Step 3 – Start shopping!


Ready to get Started? Sign up to Give as you Live here.

Confused? Visit the Help section of Give as you Live, or drop an email to us at


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