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Discover the World’s First Book on Manta Rays!

From The Manta Team

Marine biologist Dr. Guy Stevens, and National Geographic photographer Thomas P. Peschak, join forces to create the world’s first book on manta rays.

Introducing “How to Swim with Manta Rays”

From The Manta Team

The Manta Trust have launched a new initiative, “How to Swim with Manta Rays”, to aid operators and the public in making sure manta tourism has minimal impacts on these gentle giants.

Time to Save Mantas – Our Partnership with Carl F. Bucherer

From The Manta Team

Swiss watch-brand Carl F. Bucherer have launched a limited edition line of dive watches in support of Manta Trust’s research and conservation efforts.

A Guide for Responsible Shark & Ray Tourism

From The Manta Team

The Manta Trust, Project AWARE, and WWF have joined together to bring the world’s first “Responsible Shark & Ray Tourism: A Guide to Best Practice.”

Understanding the Ocean Giants

By Josh Stewart, Manta Trust Associate Director

As I snorkel in the warm, blue waters off the coast of Mexico, my eyes are peeled for ocean giants. Kicking in the mild current, an underwater landscape impossibly dramatic unfolds beneath me; I have a bird’s eye—or fish’s eye—view of peaks rising out of the depths, and cliffs that plunge hundreds of meters straight down into apparent nothingness. From everything I’ve seen previously, this should be a veritable hotspot for oceanic manta rays; the topography is right, the season is right, cleaning stations abound on the rocky reefs, but where are the mantas?

World Class Diving and a Unique Partnership

Over the past years, the unusually consistent annual sightings of manta rays in Laamu Atoll have been intriguing The Manta Trust Team. But what makes manta aggregation sites in Laamu and more specifically the nearby resort of Six Senses so special?

A Decade of Studying Maldivian Mantas

This month we celebrate ten years since the Maldivian Manta Ray Project (MMRP) was formed; ten years that have seen a great deal of achievements, challenges, people, important discoveries, and unforgettable moments.

Manta Trust Expeditions – Come Join Us!

As part of our mission to raise awareness and provide education on manta ray conservation, the Manta Trust has teamed up with regional eco-minded tourism operators to provide ‘Manta Expeditions’.  We have expeditions in six countries including our first to Mexico linking with our new exciting project in this region.

What are Manta Rays, Who are the Manta Trust, and Why Should You Care?

by Josh Stewart and Danny Copeland
Manta rays are fascinating fish. They are easily up there with Great White Sharks, Blue Whales and Orca as one of the most charismatic animals in our oceans…or have you never heard of them before? Check out our overview to manta rays, the threats they face and the work of the Manta Trust.

CMS CoP11 – A Guide to a Big Week for Mobulid Conservation

by Danny Copeland (Media Manager) & Isabel Ender (Head of Conservation Strategy)
Today marks the start of what we hope will be another game-changing week for manta and mobula ray conservation. Check out our guide to CMS 2014 and what it means for manta and mobula rays.

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