Conservation through Research, Awareness and Education

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Baa Atoll Marine Education Program for local students

Coral class – The students of Baa Kamadhoo School have just begun their new academic year after their school holidays. Fortunately I had the opportunity to visit them early and conduct theory and practical classes on the topic of corals.

Trade control matters

We celebrated a great victory when manta rays became listed on CITES Appendix II, but implementation and enforcement of this law is crucial. In 2015, The Manta Trust participated at and co-organised several workshops in key mobulid fishing countries

“Salon de la Plongée”

Manta love is expanding…and for the second year we flew to Paris to attend the 18th Salon de la Plongée that took place from the 8th to the 11th January 2016. Armed with the cutest manta cuddly toys, a manta costume and plenty of passion and good spirit we dove into four days of action with the aim to raise awareness, educate and inform the French public about manta and mobula research, their biology and the threats facing them.

Manta Trust at the Katti Hivvaru Festival

Following its inception in 2012, the annual Katti Hivvaru Artists Festival, held in Male, was once again a great success this year – and Manta Trust were there to join the fun and festivities! Apparently, Katti Hivvaru can be very literally translated to mean impetus, or sudden burst of energy, and that is exactly the kind of attitude we were hoping to promote to festival goers regarding manta ray conservation in the Maldives.

Aquamaster Pro Dive Show

The manta season has already started in Thailand. On 9th October 2015 Thailand Manta Project was invited to be a part of Aquamaster Pro Dive Show to welcome the high season in Phuket, Thailand.

Clean Up the World!

This year Laamu’s Manta Trust team celebrated the international movement – Clean Up the World – with a whole host of activities, in partnership with Six Senses Laamu.  The focus for the weekend was “the four elements” – air, water, earth and fire – and so, specific activities tailored around these elements were created and offered to both guests and staff.

Manta Cruise Expedition 12 -21 November 2015

Another fantastic expedition in the remote Maldivian northern Atolls aboard the Manta Cruise. Many the highlights of the last Manta Trust expedition of 2015 including an hour long night dive with seven feeding frenzy mantas dancing in front of our eyes (and sometimes slapping our heads).

Manta Mania 2016!

For one week the Manta Trust and Manta Ray Bay Resort will host ‘Manta Mania’!  The annual event that brings together leading manta ray and conservation scientists with divers, passionate about learning and conserving the marine environment. 

Manta Trust hit the 25th Birmingham Dive Show!

The last weekend in October marked the 25th Dive show at Birmingham’s NEC, and of course the Manta Trust team were there; armed with stickers, cuddly mantas (AKA Bubbles) and gorgeous new designer merchandise, we were ready to inform and engage the public in our favourite animal.

Introducing the Bird’s Head Seascape Manta ID Database

Teaming up with the Bird’s Head Seascape website and Conservation International we are excited to announce the launch of our online Bird’s Head Seascape Manta ID database: a visual and interactive platform that invites you to meet the manta rays, follow our work, and contribute towards manta research.

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