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Wind Walking in Palau 3/3

Fieldwork is in full swing. The resident population of manta rays in German Channel is estimated between 10 to 30, yet the manta ID Palau database contains approximately 300 individuals. So where are all the other mantas?

Success: Entangled Manta Rescued

If you jump into the water and the first thing you see is an entangled manta ray, your heart skips a beat! At least my heart stopped beating for a moment! 

Wind Walking in Palau 2/3

With the departure of Isabel a month ago I now remain the sole project manager in Palau – further immersing me in the island’s unique cultural and underwater heritage. I have had the opportunity to dive various wrecks, enthralling dichotomies of human and natural forces that embody Palau’s gruesome past.

Fieldwork in Fiji

It is 6:30am, a full moon and high tide—perfect conditions for mantas. I am one of the first people to see the rays of today’s sun but am more interested in the dark shadows being cast under the waves. 

Marvellous Manta Madness

Marvellous Manta Madness at the Seychelles Natural history Museum in a collaboration between the Save our Seas Foundation (SOSF) Island School Seychelles and the Manta Trust. With an excited room full of kids and teachers from two local primary schools the morning was spent focusing on mantas.

Wind Walking in Palau 1/3

Landing on a pitch-dark runway after thirty hours travelling is not the most exhilarating way to start fieldwork.  Yet under the following morning’s sunshine Palau submerged all my senses in an exploding canvas of lush greens and crystal blues that is hard to fathom.

Mantas in the Chagos MPA

Just a few months ago I was peering out of a plane window, spotting manta rays gliding just below the surface in crystal clear turquoise waters. A few seconds later we touched down in Diego Garcia, a postcard tropical island with white sandy beaches, in the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT).

Meet Karen our Mexican Caribbean Project Leader

I’m a naturalist guide and a conservationist in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. For the last 8 years, I’ve been lucky to have the best jobs on earth…. 

One Nation Coral Revival

The drums got louder and the crowds began jumping on the white sand. Turquoise water lapped at the main stage and you could just make out the capital Malé perched quietly in the distance. Our fellow participants, renamed the ‘The Tribe’ by the event, smiled at us from behind wavy hair and sunglasses. At this moment, it was clear we were at the beating heart of Maldivian conservation.

Lambaklad Fishing: Big Net, Big Bycatch?

Today we are excited to kick off a new rapid assessment survey and investigation of how many mobulid rays are being caught in the province of Antique, a long skinny coastal province in the Philippines whose rich waters are known to host dugongs, manta and mobula rays, whale sharks, and migratory fish of all kinds, but is remote and has had very few people study the fisheries there. 

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