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Manta Trust Film with NY Times and Emirates

Recently we were lucky enough to work with T Brand Studio and Blue Chalk Media, to produce a short film revolving around one of our Associate Directors, Josh Stewart, and about our manta ray research in the Maldives.

CMS CoP11 – What Happens Next?

Earlier this month, we joined several NGOs and other groups in celebrating new protective legislation granted to 21 species of sharks, rays and sawfishes by the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS for short). But what happens next? What happens after a species is granted such protection by CMS? Isabel Ender, the Manta Trust’s Head of Conservation Strategy, reflects on CMS CoP11 and discusses the journey ahead.

TEAMWORK! The First few days at CMS CoP11

With CMS CoP11 entering its final days and the plenary sessions for sharks, reef mantas and mobulas looming, Isabel Ender reflects on the week’s beginnings and a success we can take away regardless of the outcome of the proposals – the unity shown between many of the NGOs attending the event.

Dawn Raids, Avian Stowaways & Incredible Manta Encounters!

With the second half of the Baa Atoll manta season well underway, our friends and colleagues down in Laamu have been equally busy with the MMRP’s latest project. In this blog, we catch up with Beth Taylor, Project Manager for the MMRP’s Laamu Manta Project, on recent goings-on down in one of the most southern Maldivian atolls.

When Life Gives You Lemons…Hold-Out For Mantas!

Back in July, James Leyland, a chemistry student from the UK,  joined the Maldivian Manta Project to cover for another member of the Manta Team that sadly had to leave us earlier than planned. Whilst James could only join the team for a month, he gained a number of exciting manta-filled memories to take back home – despite a variety of challenges that seemed to conspire against him! In this week’s blog, James discusses his time in the Maldives and his journey to see his first manta rays. 

Night Time Ballet – Maldivian Manta Expedition (Sept 2014)

We’ve just arrived home from another Manta Expedition around the Maldives. In this week’s blog, Annie Murray, Research Officer for the Maldivian Manta Ray Project, discusses some of the highlights of the week long adventure; including the best dive of her life and why this expedition was even ‘Luckier’ than the last!  

Until We Meet Again

As we enter the second half of our Maldivian manta season and welcome a new group of volunteers, we first say farewell to this year’s Masters student, Tam Sawers. In this week’s blog, Tam reflects on her final days in Baa Atoll, the results of her project and the memories she will take home from her Maldivian adventure! The day starts off as any typical ‘manta research’ day – food is collected (brownies; check!), the cooler box is filled with as many cold drinks as we can carry.

Recipe for Happiness! – Maldivian Manta Expedition (Aug 2014)

We’ve just returned from the first of a series of Manta Expeditions travelling across the Maldives over the next few weeks and blimey, what a trip it was! As our Head of Conservation Strategy, Isabel Ender, describes below, the combination of the right people, the right place and the right time (and a dash of luck!) resulted in some truly incredible experiences! 

Final Days in Paradise

Time has flown by! We’re approaching the half-way point for our Maldivian manta season. In this week’s blog, volunteer Matt Bidault discusses his final adventures in North Malé atoll before he leaves paradise!  My days of freediving in remote Hanifaru Bay seem like a distant dream.

Swapping Corals for Mantas

We have recently started a fantastic new manta project down in Laamu Atoll in conjunction with Six Senses Laamu resort. In this week’s blog, Beth Taylor, the Project Manager for this new southern venture, gives us an insight into her time in Laamu so far.  The journey to start my new position with The Manta Trust was long, tiring, involved leaving the country for a ‘day trip to Sri Lanka’, being interrogated by customs and involved becoming a resident of Malé  Airport for a few nights.

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