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Conservation through Research, Awareness and Education

UK Registered Charity Number: 1145387


Doug Allen filming for the BBC's How Life Works.

Raising awareness of manta rays is a really important part of what we do and in doing this we’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in some amazing manta ray documentaries at a number of our study sites including; National Geographic’s award winning Project Manta, ITV’s Man to Manta with Martin Clunes, Channel Four’s Hugh’s Fish Fight, BBC Natural World’s Andrea Queen of Mantas and coming soon we’ll be featured in two new BBC series, How Life Works with Chris Packham and Tropic of Capricorn with Simon Reeve,  as well as Australian Channel 9′s 60 minutes with Allison Langdon.

Guy Stevens filming Project Manta with Kathy Townsend and the National Geographic film crew.

As well as this we have some brilliant videographer’s amongst our staff! Shawn Heinrichs, Associate Director heads up the Manta Ray of Hope project and our very own Josh Stewart, another of our Associate Directors and a Rolex Schoar who has filmed for National Geographic and Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet, as well as producing a number of independent documentaries and video shorts, one of which earned him the Australian Geographic Spirit of Adventure Award in 2010!

Of course, we also have our own favourite manta ray clips, so if you want to see more of the kind of thing’s we’ve been up to visit our You Tube Channel by clicking on the icon below and check out some of our favourites posted on this page.

Misool Magic from Chris Paporakis on Vimeo.

Manta Rays of the Maldives.

© 2014 Manta Trust