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The Manta Trust is extremely grateful to our sponsors, whose continued support enables us to carry out our field research with the best equipment for the job, helping to ensure our scientific team and our equipment is kept safe.


Our Partnership:

As part of our effort to learn more about the lives of mantas, Carl F. Bucherer have partnered with the Manta Trust to support their research and conservation efforts around these majestic animals. Since the beginning of our relationship, Carl F. Bucherer have generously sponsored two satellite tags to track the movement patterns of Oceanic Manta Rays in the tropical eastern Pacific ocean, financed an upcoming code of conduct film for use in the global manta tourism industry, and released a limited edition line of Manta Trust dive watches in support of research into manta feeding ecology in the Maldives (an initiative known as Watch My Manta).

About Carl F. Bucherer:

The Carl F. Bucherer name has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and passion since 1888. Founded in Lucerne, the Swiss family business has become an internationally renowned global brand characterized by its founder’s pioneering spirit and cosmopolitan esprit. The timepieces and movements are developed and produced in the brand’s own workshops in Switzerland.

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Additional Sponsors:


Almost all of our fieldwork is conducted from boats, often on wet dive-decks in rough seas. While we’re working we rely on Pelican Cases to keep all of our high-tech equipment safe and dry, both at our research sites and on the way there.

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Manta rays live all over the world, from the chilly seas of Mexico’s Pacific coast to the crystal clear tropical waters of the Maldives. No matter where we go to study mantas, we always rely on Fourth Element thermal protection to keep us warm during long dives and long days.

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Met Traders is a leading financial futures house that specialises in proprietary trading, and market making across the world. Met Traders have been very generous in supporting Manta Trust Expeditions.

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Prawno makes thoughtfully designed clothing for scuba divers, freedivers and other water enthusiasts. Underwater photographer Lia Barrett creates each design by pulling imagery directly from her underwater shots. Together with Wicked Diving in Indonesia, Prawno produce and sell clothing with an exclusive manta design. They generously donate 100% of the proceeds from these sales to support our work! Prawno have also helped to support our awareness efforts at UK dive shows.

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